Zen Shiatsu

This therapeutic massage enables the body to relax deeply. I apply pressure comfortably with my fingers, palms, elbows and knees along the meridians – the energy pathways of the client’s body. The limbs are also gently stretched to aleviate tensions and blocks. This stimulates both the flow of energy and the body’s self-healing processes. I perform shiatsu while you lie on a futon on the floor. No oils are used and you remain fully clothed.


Combines the Arts of East and West

Zen Shiatsu was developed from original traditional Japanese healing method Shiatsu by Shizuto Masunaga – a professor of psychology at Tokyo University. It combines the wisdom of Eastern medicine and science of Western physiology and anatomy. From the Western point of view, shiatsu works directly to calm the autonomic nervous system, which has the effect of calming nervous distress and increasing resistance to stress. Shiatsu massage’s roots date back to at least the 6th century in Japan. Since 1955 shiatsu has been officially recognised as a medical treatment and regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health.


Balancing energy

The practitioner links points of the body with energy deficiency to those points with energy excess, allowing the body naturally rebalance its energy levels. Success depends on the meditative activity of the practitioner, aimed especially at detecting the body responses to the treatment. By sensitively responding to the unique condition of each client, the practitioner carries out diagnostics and therapy simultaneously.