My approach

I provide both counseling and shiatsu body therapy - two different methods, which I found to have a lot in common. In the counseling I use the healing aspects of finding the meaning of bodily feelings. On the other hand Zen Shiatsu – a method developed by a professor of psychology - relates the state of the body and particular organs with functionality and fulfilment in different life areas. By doing this I built on a twenty year interest in the holistic approach of regaining physical and emotional balance.


Trained counselor

I have offered therapeutic counseling since 2010. I use knowledge gained during 4 years training in mindfulness psychotherapy - Satitherapy. It is a humanistic psychotherapy based on empathy and acceptance of the client and healing effects of mindfulness. I have undergone Foundation training in Process Work (known also as Process Oriented Psychology - POP), which encompasses a broad range of psychotherapeutic, personal growth and group process applications. Process Work emphasis awareness – both the person’s and the facilitator’s – rather than any specific set of interventions. I have completed training in Individual systemics. I am also finding inspiration in over 40 courses and workshops in a variety of body work styles (including bioenergetics, biosynthesis, shiatsu), work with inner parts of the psyche, psychodrama and theatre improvisation, and shamanic journeys. I like to offer my clients possibility to express their feelings in psychodrama or art therapy.


Shiastu practitioner

I have been developing the art of shiatsu since 2007 when I took a three – level education in Zen Touch Shiatsu at the Prague branch of the International School of Healing Arts. Zen Touch Shiatsu is an effective and pleasant way how to releive pains and relax the body. What I like the most about this method is that it starts body’s self-healing process. It is the client's body who knows the best what needs to be done and I am there to support the process of naturally rebalancing energy levels throughout the body. Being counselor at the same time, I have developed my ways how to support these processes by connecting mind and the body.


More about me

During my long term stays in the UK and Germany I was able to experience different studying, working and living environments, therefore it is not difficult for me to understand the situation of foreigners and expats living in Prague when meeting them as clients. I have also been inspired by eastern arts and cultures when traveling to remote places in Indonesia, Thailand or Sri Lanka.

Originally, interest in the functioning of society brought me to the study of economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague, where I was also taking psychological, sociological and anthropological courses. After my studies I joined a non-profit environmental consultancy where I have worked for more than 10 years. I have spent a few years on business positions in a large corporation in the Czech Republic and Germany.

I was born in Bratislava - the capital of Slovakia and moved to Prague in 1991. I became a foreigner overnight in 1993 when the Czechoslovakia divided in two countries. Now enjoying Czech citizenship.