Trained counselor

I have offered therapeutic counseling since 2010. I use knowledge gained during 4 years training in mindfulness psychotherapy - Satitherapy. It is a humanistic psychotherapy based on empathy and acceptance of the client and healing effects of mindfulness. I have undergone Foundation training in Process Work (known also as Process Oriented Psychology - POP), which encompasses a broad range of psychotherapeutic, personal growth and group process applications. Process Work emphasis awareness – both the person’s and the facilitator’s – rather than any specific set of interventions. I have completed training in Individual systemics. I am also finding inspiration in over 40 courses and workshops in a variety of body work styles (including bioenergetics, biosynthesis, shiatsu), work with inner parts of the psyche, psychodrama and theatre improvisation, and shamanic journeys. I like to offer my clients possibility to express their feelings in psychodrama or art therapy.


Trainings and courses

Therapeutic trainings

2014-15 Foundation training in processwork (IPOP)
2007-11 Mindfulness therapy training in Satitherapy (Atelier satiterapie)

Therapeutic courses

2017 Introduction to training in Biodynamic body psychotherapy I.,II. (M.L.Boysen, T. Morcinek)
2016/17 Introduction to Body psychotherapy I.,II.,III (R. Hoffmann, M. Ingenhousz, L.Zink, CAPZT)
2016 A "Sacred creative space" for conflict and peace (A. & A. Mindell)
2016 Case supervision workshop: Finding wisdom in outer and inner diversity (L. Arye)
2016 Communication & emotional intelligence (V. Nevolova)
2015 Dream doors to your soul's journey (M.Verny, S. Poulsen)
2013 Peace in the heart (C. Hill & C. McKenna)
2013 Investigating innner worlds (Ch. Agostini & E. Figueroa)
2013 Dreaming body (I.Verny & M. Verny)
2012 Individual systemics I. & II. (Institut fur Individual Systemik)
2012 Psychodrama (K. Hajek)
2011 Introduction to Gestalt therapy (IVGT)
2011 Movement & colors in Biosynthesis (G. Hoppe, CIB)
2011 Further steps to Biosynthesis (CIB)
2011 Meeting Biosynthesis(CIB)
2010 Focusing 1 & 2 (K. Hajek & J. Benda)

Therapeutic body work courses

2019 Introduction to craniosacral biodynamics (Bhadrena C. Tschumi, Kavi A. Gemin, ICSB)
2017 Visceral manipulation I., II. (A. Zapletalova)
2007 Zen Touch Shiatsu I.,II.,III. (S. Koblin, ISOHA)

Theatre courses

2018 & 2019 Improvisation (A. Stankov)
2016 Free-style improvisation (S. Babcakova)
2015 & 2019 Theatre Forum (M. Curdova)
2013-2014 Dialogical acting course (DAMU)